Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joining the QR crew

Yes we all know that the QR codes have been around for quite some time. But not to be outdone, keep an eye out for this guy, you'll be seeing them very soon everywhere!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Decepti-Kon Returns! September 29th-30th, 2012!!!

That's right everyone! Save those dates! This September 29th-30th, 2012, Decepti-Kon will be hitting the streets once more to bring you everything that you love, crave, hunger for, and all out DESERVE! Stay tuned for more details as they come through!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treat Yourself to a good ol Movie night!

Hey everyone, we know there's alot of things going on in the world right now. And sometimes, it may feel like there's not a lot for you to do to make yourself feel better about it. But, that all changes now! We here at Decepti-Kon understand how you feel and are going to do something about it right now! Starting this November 18th, 2011 at 7pm, we will launch our "Movie Nights." We're gonna start showing some classic films on our big 'ol 15ft screen of awesomeness. Additionally, all films will be in HD! Can you imagine, a 15 ft screen of epic imagery. Now you can't have a movie without some snacks right? Well, we got you covered. At every showtime, we will have our "Dollar Snack Bar" open. You want a soda? $1 Dollar. You want some popcorn? $1 Dollar. Some Hot dogs and candy? That's right, $1 dollar. So the dollar snacks are great and all, but I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Do I have to pay to get in?" Short answer, "Yes." Just $5.00 at the time of the show will get you in to watch the feature, unwind, hang out with some great people, and maybe even make some new friends. So come on down and take in a movie. After all, You deserve it.

Upcoming Movie Nights:

November 18 - Blazing Saddles
November 19 - Aliens

December 2 - Back to the Future 1
December 3 - Back to the Future 2 & 3
December 9 - Tron (Original)
December 10 - Tron Legacy
December 17 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Admission: $5.00 per day
$1.00 Snack bar !!!

Showtime: 7:00 pm

Any questions or suggestions for future movies, drop us a line.

Monday, May 16, 2011

We’re still alive?!

Well just as fast the big day came, it was gone in a flash! An immense Thank You to all who not only showed up to have a good time, but to all those who dedicated their time, effort, and spirit to make sure that Decepti-Kon was memorable to all! As many of you can imagine there certainly was a lot to soak in from the dedicated vendors, gifted artists, death defying martial Artists, Superstar Guests, exceptional volunteers that made the event all that more special.

We’re still alive?!

That’s right! Decepti-Kon has laid down its Foundation! We have done it! To everyone that has been wondering where we’ve been, well it’s been kind of a secret. All that we’re able to tell you is that we’ve been working in the shadows for about a month now to see how well we did and where we could have made some improvements. And boy did we receive a lot of Intel! We want to thank everyone who stuck by us through a lot of the bumps we saw at Decepti-Kon. Please believe that with Generation 2 there will be dramatic changes that will ensure all the great things you loved in Generation 1 continue and that many of the turbulence you experienced is thrown out the window! I think I may have just leaked that info...oops. Anyways, we want to send an even bigger thank you to the individuals who have chosen to fabricate events and situations that we here at Decepti-Kon had nothing to do with. It truly makes it that much easier to provide everything we love to the people we care about without any garbage. I mean people don’t like garbage right? Awesome. To the new members, volunteers, and partners that lay waiting in the future, Thank you in advance for being a part of history.

Truly unbelievable! Decepti-Kon came in with such an enormous voice and boy was it heard! We weren’t alone in this though. With such an enormous appetite for everything Japanese and American Animation, to quell our hunger we had the indomitable spirit of our volunteers from groups like Sac-Geeks, Drunken Animation, and The Klingon Assault Group! These volunteers did more and more of what could have been asked from any volunteer and they all did it in such great pride and passion. We couldn’t have asked for a greater squad! Thank you so very much from everyone at Decepti-Kon!!!

Our Incredible Vendors that came from all across California gave this humble and newborn of a Convention not only their time and effort, but their blessing as welcoming Decepti-Kon into their livelihoods of making so many of us who enjoy all that animation has given us into their lives. Many of our Vendors Like World’s Best Comics, Precious Toys, The Comic Shop, Cartoon Passion, and From the Land Beyond we can’t simply thank enough for being apart of a historic event and hanging in with everyone here at Decepti-Kon! We hope that the spaces we were able to accommodate every single one of you were not only to your liking but surpassed it as well. On behalf of every single fiber in the entire staff of Decepti-Kon, Thank YOU all!!!

To Our gifted and talented artists we were truly blessed to have found so many of you here in our own backyard. With people leading this creative exploration like Tom Ramirez, Gina Dunn, Jessica Dunn, The Legends of Heroes and Villains, and Brad Diller with FundayMornings.com, you have all not only demonstrated your talents to us, but to the rest of the world. Not only may we say BRAVO, but thank you! May the ink in your lives continue to paint your passion and souls for the world and beyond to see. Again, on behalf of Decepti-Kon, Thank you!

Decepti-Kon would have been less a monumental event were it not for our Special events and honored guests. From the death defying, world Record shattering Martial arts flash mob from Doce Pares Martial Arts, the rubber burnin’ drifters from 1TenDrift, Cyclone movies and all their free movie passes, The wondrous and courageous women of Trash Film Orgy protecting us from an entire planet of Vampire women, those crazy yet lovable Pirates from the Crimson Delta, and of course being thrown back in time to battle and learn with the honorable and respected members of Thor's Refuge was indeed just a part of the memorable events at Decepti-KON. With such a historic event, it truly was humbling to hear that we would have so many Accomplished stars show up like Karen Dyer, C. Andrew Nelson, Mike Kazaleh, Christopher Smith, Katie Bair and even local sensations like Jason Dube and Scattered Comics along with Miss Carlyfornia and her amazing workshops. We understand that with any new convention that there would be a few hic-cups, but these individuals not only bothered to give us the time of day, but they graced us with the same passion and spirit that we show them every single time we watch an anime series they voice in, every comic that we read that they drew upon, and every video game that we played that they starred in. Passion and spirit come back to one another in a full circle. That is why they are so well received, respected and sought out for! Because they believe in us! The fans! Thank you Karen, Chris, Andrew, Jason, Mike K., Mike G., Katie, Carlyfornia, Anthony, One10Drift, Doce Pares, Crimson Delta, Thor’s Refuge, Cyclone Movies and Trash Film Orgy for all being apart of Decepti-Kon!

Every Convention is comprised not only of spirited volunteers, but of also Dedicated and Visionary Staff as well. Decepti-Kon is no different. With every obstacle that was thrown in front of us, all the way from conception til long after the show was over, our staff remained calm, vigilant, visionary, professional and ever faithful. A grand applause goes out to the staff of Decepti-Kon for making sure that we didn’t kill each other in this entire process, heh. You all went above and far beyond the call of duty to ensure that much stayed glued to this newly founded adventure.

To the many different groups that helped along the way and even during Decepti-Kon, we thank you also. The wonderful podcasting provided by Artistic Alliance and Mission Start podcasting before Decepti-Kon and even during the Con itself! Great job guys! To our honorary T.B.A.G.Rs for making a hot situation turn into a cool memory, Lokis Planet for making a special appearance, our talented Cosplayers for venturing into the realm of Cosplay Cafes was something no one had done before, an outstanding set from Dj RSkee, DubDuece, 420Skills, and DJ Kaminari for providing the official soundtrack to Decepti-Kon. Such a demonstration will never be duplicated again. Our memories have also been secured thanks to a talented individual by the name of Compassionate Wolf. His work in making sure that every piece of Decepti-Kon was eternalized in his photography can be found by contacting him here. Thank you Oscar for your patience.

A special recognition goes out to a group of individuals who we helped push into the spotlight even more so than what they have already accomplished themselves is Team LoveHate. With as much heart, passion, soul, spirit and being that TLH represents, there is no limit to how far they will go to obtain what they deserve. Their accomplishments for Decepti-Kon and beyond will truly be something to keep an eye out for. We are indeed saddened by their decision to move on, but like all families, each member ultimately must develop their own path. We anticipate many a great things from TLH and can’t wait to see what more achievements they have planned for the future. We at Decepti-Kon thank them for welcoming us into their revolution and wish them nothing but the world.

Thank you Bandai, Sakura, SCCG, Signs by Tomorrow, Chito, Marie, Fontaine, UglyThumbs, 32GTR, Bubbles, WakemeWithaKiss, Bullit, Necro, Trejo, Ron, Minnie, Our water Queen Jessica, C.Love, Dominic, Jiriya, BackBrace, Brandon, Billy, Gabe, and to everyone out there that loves Anime, Manga, American Animation, movies, comics, Video Games, Steampunk, cosplaying and being an Otaku, THANK YOU !!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dinner update!

Hey everyone! Breaking news update! From now until Friday night, the prices for Decepti-Kon's first dinner has been slashed to $25.00! That's right for nearly the price if half a tank, hah! You can enjoy a gourmet dinner with all your friends, join in the silent auction for Japan relief and have a lil extra time with some of our special guests all in one night! So make sure you reserve your place as come on day and break bread with Kon and the rest of us here at Decepti-Kon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner Time!

Ok folks, you've heard about the murmurs and rumors that are floating around for a while now. Well, I'm here to tell you that they're all true! Yes that's right Decepti-Kon is hosting a very special Dinner and Silent Hill...I mean Silent Auction on the eve of April 15th. This special dinner will be hosted at the Red Lion at 7pm. Space is definitely limited and plates are $50.00 per person. Dress attire is "Dress to Impress" with some exception for furry tails and ears. Heh. Many of the items at the auction will have been donated by our Vendors, Artists and even our Special Guests. Will our Special Guests be in attendance? I'd say make sure your there to find out. You don't want to miss out! On top of that, all of the proceeds from the auction will be going towards the American Red Cross to aid in the Relief in Japan. So remember its a great cause, great food. and great company! So reserve your spot today and see you all at Decepti-Kon!

A legend in the making!

Greetings all! It seems that the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. We are truly humbled and honored to hear that the ever Popular and Talented Katie Bair will be joining us at Decepti-Kon! Katie has truly done some remarkable work in her vast career.

She is delighted to be at Deceptikon, and is very much looking forward to meeting up with old fans and new!

Katie will be hosting a workshop this year titled *Total Package Cosplay*

Join cosplay judge Katie Bair as she discusses the little touches that really take a costume to the next level.  From make-up and wigs, to accessories and props, this panel will help you get the most out of your costumes by building on skills you already have, and give you a behind the scenes look at how cosplay judging is done.