Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Moblie Advertisements.

If you see this car around feel free to ask the Driver about the many events we have.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hotel Discounts!

Greetings all you Otaku socialites! I know alot of you have been waiting wondering when this vital piece of information was going to make its way onto here. Well, the waits over and here it is: Anyone who makes the trip up to Decepti-Kon and finds that they are a bit tired from all the caramell dansen, hollow hunting and just plain using too much jutsu, The Red Lion Hotel has privileged us to give out discounts to all of their luxurious rooms. How much of a discount?  How about $65.00 per room!! How do you get such an awesome deal? Use code: "1103DECE" And remember to ask for a room on the "Courtyard" Even better news, everyone who books a room facing the "Courtyard" will receive special goodie bags filled with exclusive merchandise provided by our Sponsors! Even better! Specially marked rooms will have designs set to the theme of the convention. So team up with a couple of your best friends or even someone you just met down at the Cosplay Restaurant and get in on this deal!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

News for Vendors

Attention to all vendors! Breaking news from our Partners at "Signs By Tomorrow." Any vendor that books a table at Decepti-Kon and wants to develop a professional banner of their own to display will receive a 25% discount with "Signs By Tomorrow." All you have to do to receive this discount is book a table at Decepti-Kon and then contact our Partners and ask for Steve Crain.

Second Poll Results!

Alright everyone, the second poll is finished and it looks like a bunch of you seem to have a taste for good ol' fashioned violence! What a surprise right? Heh heh. So it looks like we'll be showcasing both the Guyver series and Scott Pilgrim vs The World in our screening rooms. So make sure you grab as much Sex Bob-Omb gear as you can and watch  out for them Zoanoids as you find your way down to Decepti-Kon!  Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for our next poll!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poll Results!

Ok, the results of those magical polls are in. We asked and you voted! When we asked what video game you would most like to see at Decepti-Kon and the winner was: Marvel Vs Capcom 3!!! Not too much of a shocker but hey, we still had to put it out there for you all. So with that being said, come on down to Sony's Gaming Lounge and get your Fight on where you'll get a chance to take on the whole world with your choice of over 40 characters in the newest installment in the Marvel vs Capcom series!!!

But wait, weren't there two polls? Why yes, there were. For those of you paying attention to the other poll. We asked who would you like to serve you at our Cosplay Restaurant? The results? Well, it was a tie! Our winners coincidentally are very familiar to the Marvel vs Capcom universe also. The ever reliable Servbot and the illuminating Morrigan will be among your top Hosts this year. Make sure you bring your appetites folks! And stay tuned for your chance to put in more of your input on our next set of polls. Can't wait? You can always drop us a line at: