Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poll Results!

Ok, the results of those magical polls are in. We asked and you voted! When we asked what video game you would most like to see at Decepti-Kon and the winner was: Marvel Vs Capcom 3!!! Not too much of a shocker but hey, we still had to put it out there for you all. So with that being said, come on down to Sony's Gaming Lounge and get your Fight on where you'll get a chance to take on the whole world with your choice of over 40 characters in the newest installment in the Marvel vs Capcom series!!!

But wait, weren't there two polls? Why yes, there were. For those of you paying attention to the other poll. We asked who would you like to serve you at our Cosplay Restaurant? The results? Well, it was a tie! Our winners coincidentally are very familiar to the Marvel vs Capcom universe also. The ever reliable Servbot and the illuminating Morrigan will be among your top Hosts this year. Make sure you bring your appetites folks! And stay tuned for your chance to put in more of your input on our next set of polls. Can't wait? You can always drop us a line at:

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