About Us

Decepti-Kon is a fresh and new perspective on how the fusion of American and Japanese Comic cultures have and is continuing to inspire generations of youth across the world. Decepti-Kon is a place were professionalism and fantasy can come together and thrive on each other.

About Luis; I've always been fascinated with animation since early childhood. As an 80's child I was exposed to a lot of influence ranging from GI Joe, Transformers, Batman, Visionaires...that's right, M.A.S.K., Thundercats, Ultraman, Captain Power, Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles (Donatello is the best), All things Nintendo, and a lot of sports. You know, to balance out. Now along with growing up alot of those influences stayed true when I was Nintendo came out. I played a lil bit of the Atari 2600 before but the breadwinner was my NES. After that first Track N FIeld and the Power Pad, I was done. Games and Toons were my life. Well football too, heh. Fast forward some years now to the beginning of a new era, Anime. Early Saturday mornings were introducing a new genre in the United States. Robot Carnival had introduced me into shows like "Project A-Ko", "Vampire Hunter D", and of course "Akira." There were many other shows in between, and all equally as inspiring as their movie counterparts. During these shows, at the same time, I was a frequent attendee to new "conventions" at malls that would host vendors selling these new "Anime" products. Many have bloomed to what many people now attend today annually. So, what are we doing here? Well having been to many Anime and Gaming conventions and made a living putting together a few myself; I've come to give this town a new and fresh perspective on all things Anime, Comics and Gaming!!!  Stay posted for new updates and amazing news. You dont want to miss it!