Artist Pavillion

Throughout many years its been a proven fact that artists are what have made everything that we Otaku love today. Whether its Anime, Manga, Movies, Video Games, comics and more... Artists have every right to be present at every convention. And we at Decepti-Kon are no exception. That is why we went out and asked Sakura to host our Artist Pavilion in support to all our talented and dedicated Artists.

Checking In and Setting up:

Check-In and Set up for Artists will start on April 15th. You will have all day to set your tables up for the weekend.

Special note for the Artists: Just like the Vendors, at 5pm Artists will have the opportunity to view the vendors room along with any other of their fellow artists.


Another unprecedented event to debut at all conventions, Decepti-Kon will also make available 10'x 10'spaces to the artists. This alone we feel will make many of our artists feel equally as crucial to the Otaku world.


Standard Booth $60.00

Corner Premium $100.00

Island Premium $200.00

There will be a two (2) artists limit per booth.

Booth description:

1 Booth stands at @ 10'x 10'

Two (2) Badges will be included.

We will have 25 artist tables total


If you are an Artist from out of town we will be offering a special on hotel rooms. Details available on request.


Artists must be selling work created by themselves or by the artist(s) they are selling for. The use of any copyighted images in your work can and will lead to ejection of your table without refund.

Artists can only sell for another artist with written permission from that artist, and must submit a website/DeviantArt for the artist they are selling for.

Rule For attendees.
There will be no photography of ANY of the artists printed work of any kind UNLESS permission is given from the artist.

If you have any questions please contact Event Director Luis Perez at, with the Subject: Artists
Or Arthur Redoble at with the Subject: Deceptikon artist.