Vendor Hours SAT 10:00am-7:00pm SUN 10:00 am-5:00pm

Any Vendor that is wishing to be a part of Decepti-Kon and be viewed to early 3.2 Million homes, contact us at: You'll be happy to know that at Decepti-Kon, not only do we understand that times are tough and it can seem that any new venture can seem wary, but please believe that we aim to keep everyone on top of things!

Check-In Times and Setting up:

Checking in and Setting up for Dealers will start on April 15th. You will have all of Friday to set up your booth in preparation for the weekend.

A special note to vendors: on Friday evening at 8pm, Any vendors that wish to view the "Sakura" Artists Pavillion or view other vendors' tables will be able to do so.


This Decepti-Kon, we've done something that no other has done before. We've given the vendors booths that stand at an Astounding 10'x 10'space!!!

Standard Booths $100.00
Corner Booths $200.00
Island Premium Booths $300.00

Maximum number of Standard booths is 40.
There are 8 Corner Booths


A vendors map is available upon request


The Vendors Contract is also available upon request.


If you are a Dealer from out of town we will be offering a special on hotel rooms, if you book a room though our hotel we will give a discount price of the room itself.

Additionally, dealers will receive the following for each booth:

3 Badges


Dealers will be under strict watch for bootleg. Certain Dealers from other conventions that are known bootleggers and will not be allowed to apply.


Once again, if you have any questions please contact us at with the Subject: Dealers